I’m Simon,

Short Bio: Web developer, writer, reader, weightlifter, INTJ-ish
Long Bio

 I think there’s some stuff wrong in your life;

  • These days you’re getting pushed through formal education, clueless of where you want to go in life. Wasting valuable time, energy and money in the process. (Your most valuable resources)
  • You’re advised to get a “safe” 9-5 job and work away at your desk for the remainder of your life to pay off your ever-increasing debt, never truly becoming financially self-sustainable.
  • You’re overloaded with toxic foods and social media bullshit that destroy your body and mind. Leaving you unhealthy and unable to focus on what truly matters.
  • Relationships never seem to work out, leaving you confused about what’s wrong with you.

All these problems arise because we’ve never been taught how to deal with our most basic life challenges in school or at home – But, I believe they are all preventable.

We are currently living in pretty confusing – yet exciting – times. Every industry is rapidly accelerating, which increases the amount of accumulated knowledge in any field. More knowledge means more (confusing) choices in how to handle our biggest life challenges. For example;

  • What diet and training regimen should I follow if I want to get the most energy whilst being in great shape?
  • What’s type of asset class should I invest into in order to become financially self sustainable?
  • How should I approach dating in order to find a girl I really like, that doesn’t play games and I can start a nice family with?
  • What type of career should I pursue in order to provide a nice standard of living for myself yet don’t feel like I’m stuck in a rat race?

Because of this overwhelm/confusion, I see many men escaping into drugs, alcohol, tv, video games, vacations, fast-food, excessive sex, masturbation, porn or any other “quick-fix/feel-good” band-aids to mask these underlying, chronic problems.

Just so they can get away from the current reality they are living in.

Yet, this exactly blocks them from improving their situation.


What Do I Talk About?

I write about how (as in practical tips/advice) I try to improve all my areas of life (my health, wealth, social, mindset & fun/meaning) to get the most out of my time on this planet.

And I think you’re probably not that different from me.

Here’s the thing; I believe no-one truly has life all “figured out”. Neither do I.

Most people just share/impose/dump their beliefs and experiences upon others, and then we just make our best educated guess from there.

In the end that’s all we can really do.

On this blog you can read about my approach to tackling life’s most basic challenges.

Overall I believe I share more thought-through advice compared to most people, but others probably think the same.

I’m pretty open and straightforward since it’s something I value highly. There’s enough BS being spewed around as it is.

Where To Start?

Here are some of the most-read/favorite articles (in no particular order). If you want a collection of all the best advice up until this point I’d say it’s best to start with My Book: “The Life Guide”.

  1. Building Character And Creating Your Own Identity
  2. Reprogramming Your Brain & Removing Negative Thoughts
  3. Finding Your Personal Strengths
  4. Being A Man
  5. Sexual Energy
  6. Finding “Purpose
  7. Setting Goals And Creating Your Life Plan
  8. Focusing On What Really Matters & Managing Your Time
  9. Staying Motivated
  10. Getting Back On Track After
  11. Optimal Learning
  12. Improving Social Skills
  13. The 4 Most Important Life Skills
  14. How To Learn Any Skill Fast

Stay In Touch

What else is there to do around here?


  • Contacting me? I’m purposely hard to reach – I infrequently respond to comments.
  • Guest posting/content promotion/ads? No
  • Post frequency? I write when I have something to say.
  • Current habits/schedules/routines: Check my last quarterly review

Take care & stay strong

– Simon

Believe – Achieve – Become