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Are you looking to add some muscle mass to your frame and gain some serious strength but aren’t exactly sure what kind of exercises are good for you? Well you’re in luck today! I’ve put together this great full body workout that works all of the major muscle groups in one workout. It consists predominantly out of compound exercises so by doing them it will recruit a larger amount of muscle fibers when compared to isolation exercises. You can probably do this workout in any gym since the exercises I’ve used are pretty standard! It is short, intense and works your full body. (I’ve also included some general tips that have benefited me). Press any of the exercise links to watch an easy demonstration of the exercise. The full body workout I’ve put together contains the following exercises;

Barbell Back Squat (4 sets x 10 repetitions)

  • Don’t let your knees pass in front of your toe
  • Just go a little bit deeper than parallel
  • Feet should be a little bit further apart than shoulder-width

Deadlift (4 sets x 10 repetitions)

  • Be sure you don’t arch your back! Keep it hollow!
  • Chest up
  • Look forward
  • Lock out all the way at the top and put it back down in a controlled fashion (touch ‘n go)

Incline Dumbbell Press (4 sets x 10 repetitions)

  • Don’t let your elbows flare out to much to the side. They should be pointing a little bit forward
  • Don’t lock out your joints on the positive part of  the exercise (the pressing motion). This takes the tension of the chest and that’s not what we want.

Standing Barbell Neck Press (4 sets x 10 repetitions)

  • Lower the bar to your clavicle while tilting your head back
  • When pressing the bar over your head, lower your head back down. Don’t lock your your elbows when doing this!

Dips (4 sets x 10 repetitions)

  • Go a little bit past a 90° angle with your elbows!
  • Fully lock out your elbow joints at the top

Pull-ups (4 sets x max repetitions)

  • Grab the bar, your palms facing away from you.
  • Pull the bar to chest level and do as much repetitions as you can



Note that this is a advanced workout routine for people who are looking for a challenge. You shouldn’t attempt this when you are not familiar with any of the exercises. Ask your trainer about this workout and see what aspects you can use in your training. This is definitely one of the most engaging and challenging workouts ‘ve tried the last couple of months. This will really stimulate your body into growing!I If you are finding any difficulty with this training or experience joint pain you should stop immediately. If you’ve tried my workout, let me know how it went! :D Or If you have any thoughts or suggestions on this topic, feel free to share them in the comment section below. Take care! Love Simon

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