Loss Of Sexual Energy (Reason Why You Might Be Tired All The Time)

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Lately I’ve been dating again and I’ve met this really awesome, cute looking girl on the train. We started talking a bit about random subjects and whatnot. Just having some fun and enjoying the time we spent together :). I knew she really liked me, so I decided to ask for her number. For a while we texted back and forth and I teased her allot but always made her smile. I really liked her.


So naturally I decided we had to meet. Recently we spent the whole day and night together and although we had a great deal of fun, I felt really empty afterwards. I was completely depleted. We slept a great deal of the day and didn’t really went outside besides going to the grocery store (partly because it was really bad weather).

We spent the day in my dorm room talking, watching movies, cooking and having sex. Basically the day was unproductive and left me feeling empty afterwards. I’m not exactly sure what caused me to feel drained. But I presume it might have been the sex. This really reminded me of my previous relationship (and I don’t want to experience that all over again). See my very first blog post


sexual energy energyIn my opinion this is caused by the fact that I just had too much sex (orgasms to be more particular). By having regular orgasms, I pump my body full of endorphin’s which numb down my senses and brain activity.

So I basically give away my “energy” by coming inside her. Sounds pretty logical doesn’t it? It might sound like a load of nonsense to you but I’m actually starting to believe in the concept of sexual energy.

I’ve read this article about sexual energy that really opened my eyes on the subject. I’m starting to believe that by having to many orgasms I’m pretty much giving away my sexual energy to my girlfriend. This results in feeling empty and depleted.

So I want to retain my sexual energy by having an orgasm without actually ejaculating (like the article talks about). The Chinese call this energy the chi. I will probably read some books on the topic of chakras and Taoism to further extend my knowledge on this. By my opinion there is allot of wisdom and truth that can be found in Chinese culture.

Solution?sexual energy cure

I don’t want my new relationship to end up like my previous one did (Me getting depressed and drained of energy) So I’m going to research some articles and books on retaining ejaculation :)!

I don’t know if this sexual energy thing is actually legit but all I know is that I feel really tired and unmotivated to do anything after orgasm (even days after). And I want it to be different because I believe sex should be energizing and revitalizing instead of draining you!

In my opinion this is definitely a subject worthy to explore :) I’ll keep you posted on this!


So what do you think about this? Do you think sexual energy is nonsense and I’m just going to waste my time on this? Or do you think I might actually be on to something?

Anyway, let me know ;) If you have any thoughts or questions on this topic, feel free to share them with me in the comments below. Thanks for reading my post! You are pretty awesome for doing that!
Take care!




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  1. SEX is depleting, stop it, then your relationship will become fresh again, your head will clear, you will regain thinking power, there is no need to ask for any advice or reference, your own experience is the best truth to rely upon, think sharply and you decide on your own merits, good wishes brother and lots of love

    1. Haha sweet man! Definitely going to read that! I’ve also read another book on the subject that was also really enlightening. Should probably do an update on this post.

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