17 Quick Ways to Relax Your Mind (Besides TV)

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When you have a huge workload and you boss keeps nagging about the deadlines you need to make, it might become a bit to much after a while (At least for me it can.) It is of the utmost importance to relax the body and mind after a day of work (each day.) So I’ve made this short list which contains all kinds of ways that help me with relaxing. I recommend doing one or more of these tips daily to achieve better mental health.

#1) Read a fantasy/fictional book

When your mind is calm and at ease, the most important thing to do is fill your head with positive emotions to strengthen your sub-conscience. Don’t watch tv/new as most of those shows block your mind and spread negative energy. A good book with a compelling story is the best way to relax the mind in my honest opinion.

#2) Practice a hobby (painting, writing, blogging, drawing, cooking, tinkering, poetry,…)

Nothing is more fun than looking forward to a project you are making! Make sure you really like doing it. Anything goes! Find something new if you don’t know what to do! There’s bound to be something you love. I’ve made a list of skills I want try out in the future like;

  • Magic tricks
  • Learn to speak Spanish
  • Piano
  • Calligraphy
  • Sculpting
  • Kickbox
  • Human flag
  • Handstand push ups
  • Planche
  • Learn to dance Salsa
  • Build a rocket
  • Make my own sword

#3) Play board games (or card games with friends)

Play relaxing card games like poker, magic: the gathering, yu-ghi-oh or board games to help relax your mind. This is an easy and cheap way to have a lot of fun with your friends. Organize a poker night or get lost in the world of dungeons & dragons

#4) Meditate

Try guided meditation and watch your breathing. Meditating is a good habit to form. It makes you empty your mind which provides clarity and focus in your day-to-day life.

#5) Take a 20 minute nap


Take 20 minute naps, these make you feel great and refreshed. If you get right when your alarm clock goes off you’ll feel better than when you would have slept an hour. 20 minutes is all you need. Don’t doze off now ;).

#6) Make a collage of things/pictures you like (get creative)

Visualizing things you like do wonders for your mood and energy levels. Personally I have all kinds of images hanging in my room. From food in the kitchen to relaxing waves above my bed. I got things related to my passions on the wall and stuff about meditating next to my door. That’s where I sit down a relax

#7) Go out and relax with friends

Go to a bar/club and socialize. Have fun together! Positive emotions relax the mind.

#8) Make a list of things you want to do (vacation, new hobby, …) and take steps to achieve these goals :)

Making plans gets you excited the next day to work on new goals. So write down EVERYTHING you want to try and make a huge list. Like which books you want to read, what skills you want to improve, what classes to attend,… really anything.

#9) Watch a good movie that is really inspiring/motivating/relaxing

Read my blog on the 13 Most Inspirational Movies EVER!

#10) Go for a walk (with friends)

Nature calms your senses and you mind. Lie down in the grass and gaze at the stars.

#11) Drink tea while visualizing your perfect future (lol I do this quite allot)

Can also be done after the walk :)

#12) Decorate your house/room with things you like

When you are able to come home to a nicely decorated house that really feels like “home” you’ll get a tremendous energy boost and it will contribute to your overall happiness.

#13) Play a game to relax your brain (pure hidden)

I like playing some hidden object games with soothing music to calm my mind and keep me distracted.

#14) Observe the world around you!

watch people and try to interpret what they are thinking about/planning to do. The world is constantly moving around us and we never really stop to think about where we are going. Sometimes I find it really relaxing to just sit and watch other people go by their lives. Try to imagine what they are doing, thinking and maybe even talk to them about that.

#15) Collect articles and interesting information in a big binder :)

Be an explorer of the world and try to gather all the information you are interested in and bundle it into one big archive.

#16) Listen to music/ relaxing audio tapes

I don’t know why but I find listening to music extremely satisfying. It is a tool to control my mood. If I am feeling down I can put on a energetic song and I feel better instantly! Music is life and life is music. Without music life would become extremely dull.

#17) Extra ones :)

Take a bath
Get a massage
Go to the sauna
Visit a shop with scents
Drink warm liquids


Realize that your body and mind needs rest and relaxation on daily basis and the best way to do this is by escaping into activities you enjoy. I hope this article has given you some great tips for relaxing your mind and body. If you’re having any thoughts or questions on this topic, feel free to share them with me in the comment section below.
Take care!



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